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We source and supply our fabric and accessories thoughtfully, supporting local and Australian business wherever possible. Our fabrics are chosen with sustainability in mind, and we work toward making only a positive impact on our world. We carefully select fabric suppliers who align with our values so we can truly represent our brand and personal core beliefs.

We are a privately owned, boutique supplier of fabrics, however our range reflects the style and elegance of brands from across the world. Our partners include James Dunlop Textiles, Sanderson Fabrics and Raffles Textiles (among others) to bring timeless pieces to regional NSW. We are proud of the work we do, and of the people we do it with, and want to share that with our customers.

From bold prints featuring contemporary colours, to elegant designs with soft colours and textures, we have the fabrics that will make your space sing. We have a variety of fabrics that are suitable for a range of purposes, whether you’re looking for thick, durable or supple and sleek, pop into our showroom and chat with the team today.

We also offer a sampling service free of change, so you can be sure that your chosen fabric and trimming complements the space perfectly.

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